Welcome To Store it

Here at Store It, although we are continually expanding both the site and the services we offer, we still like to touch base with our loyal clientele to make sure that our relationships stay strong and remain at the centre of what we do.

This week we are featuring one of our long term customers, Mumbles Fine Wines.

They have been a customer of ours for … and use their unit purely for storage.

John, what brought you to Store-It?

Price, Store-It were the most competitively priced considering all the extras involved. My stock is insured and if I need a forklift there’s always someone about to move a pallet or two.

How does being a customer benefit your business?

The guys, hands down. Having such a good relationship means there is great communication so if I need to know anything about a delivery I can ask one of the staff and they’ll know.

What do you love about us?

Everything, pretty much. I think its great. The service can’t be complained about, we have a great working relationship, and the flexibility is perfect for me. Its good to be able to trust someone with your business and know that they’ll bend over backward for you.