How to store after xmas

Xmas can be a very expensive time, so one way to save money is to look after the decorations. Buying new year on year can cost so here are some tips to store your sparkly and shiny things. 


Wrap your xmas tree with old belts, saves space and keeps your tree compact and safe from damage 

Keep Boxes

The original boxes will go a long way to preventing damage. If you have disposed use egg boxes for your baubles, or for maximum safety bring them to us, we have a large packaging range on offer in our shop, from boxes to bubble wrap. 

Xmas lights 

Wrap them around a tin and cut a slit in the lid for the plug, this will prevent any tangling and lengthen their life. 


Get in touch and we can safely store you lovely xmas decorations so they're fresh and in good working order for next xmas.