Store It Wales Packaging Shop

Our On-Site Shop

We have an on-site shop that stocks everything you need to ensure your possessions are securely packaged. We conduct a weekly price check amongst our competitors and ensure that our prices are the best available.

Item Price
Value Padlock £6.00
High Security Padlock £10.00
Small Box £1.50
Medium Box £2.50
Large Box £3.50
Garment Hanger Box £8.50
Small Archive Box £2.50
Large Archive Box £3.00
Packaging Tape £2.00
Tape Gun £2.50
Marker Pen £1.00
Gloves £1.50
Small Bubble Wrap £5.00
Large Bubble Wrap £10.00
Easy Chair Polythene Cover £2.50
2/3 Seater Sofa Polythene cover £3.00
Single Mattress Cover £2.50
Double/King Mattress Cover £3.00